In this procedure a mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen is slowly administered through a nosepiece. The ideal treatment for any anxious/apprehensive adults and children. The patient is conscious in a relaxed state of mind and sometimes even euphoric during this procedure. Happy Gas has no after effects.

The procedure can be used while undergoing any dental treatment. This also reduces the gagging reflex on patients with touchy throat.

Our Kallangur dentist initially applies topical numbing cream to avoid the sensation of the injection. This is followed by a gentle and slow application of the solution (LA) to minimize any discomfort. Our Kallangur dentists have done thousands of this and have a sound understanding and an effective technique to make any dental procedure a painless experience.

If you are worried about the sounds associated with dental procedures, drill etc, you can bring your favourite music or we can play any music you want to make your experience a pleasant one. Our Kallangur Dentist also have a TV to distract you from the dental procedure and make time fly.