A mouth guard is a thick, flexible protective device that is placed over the teeth. They protect you children when they are playing sports or any other activities that involve impact to the face. They come in many colours and we can customise your own team colours. They absorb any direct impacts to your face and lowers your chance of serious teeth fractures and even concussions.

They can also be used for jaw issues in some cases, when the patient is grinding the teeth. Mouth guards are sometime worn to treat snoring or sleep apnoea. Talk to you Kallagur dentist about getting mouthguards in Kallangur, North Lakes, Murramba Downs, Petrie, Margate, Strathpine, MangoHill and surrounding suburbs.

There are two types of mouthguards (i) Custom fitted (ii) Boil and bite. Our Kallangur dentists prefers custom mouthguards are they offer the best protection and also very comfortable to wear.

It depends on the mouthguards that is being chosen. Custom-fitted mouthguards are higher in price. In our Kallangur dentist, it ranges from $190-$250. However a custom fitted mouthguard is a form of insurance for you teeth. The cost to fix any dental injuries during sport exceeds the cost of a quality fitted mouthguard in Kallangur.

Mouthguards are worn for any sports where there is a risk of impact/blow to your face. This can be during games or even training or practise sessions. Our kallangur dentists treat a lot of children who are injured when playing sports and which could have been avoided if they had worn a mouthguard.

Make it fun referencing to popular footy/soccer, NBA and boxing champions. For example Chritiano Ronaldo, Messi, LeBron James, Steph Curry and other superstars always wear mouthguards during their games.

Remind them that injury to teeth can happen regardless of the age and the trauma suffered can even be lifelong and hence our Kallangur dentists recommend mouthguards for athletes of all ages.

Mouthguards are made of studry materials so they need very less maintenance than your other sporting equipment. However to extend its life, care should be taken.

  1. After use, rinse them in soapy warm water and allow them to air-dry.
  2. Even other week, soak them in mouthwash to get rid of any bacterial accumulations.
  3. After games store them in a vented container and in a cool place.

Please make a habit of putting them back into your bag after games. If they are left in the ground/car for a long time the heat will destroy their shape. They cannot be fixed or repaired.

With Custom fitted mouthguards, the performance is not affected. As they conform to the shape of your teethg/jaws, they do not lead to any adverse effects. In fact athletes feel confident and relaxed knowing that they are protected in case of an impact/blow to their face.

Studies have revealed that the boil and bite type of mouthguards have resulted in some negative performances among athletes due to their discomfort in wearing them and breathing difficulties.